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Design Services

Interior Design Consultations

Meet with us to discuss your project needs and get on the spot design advice.  Whether you need help choosing paint colours, staging or a kitchen and bath renovation, we aim to help you save time and money by putting you down the right path right from the beginning.

Furniture Plans

A great plan makes for a smooth project.  As the saying goes "measure twice, cut once".  We save you a lot of costly mistakes by providing you with a custom furniture layout to optimize your space and take the question of "will this work?" out of the equation.

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Home Decor


We source furniture and decor based on specific needs and budgets, along with procuring furniture, setting up deliveries & assemblies, and arranging everything on site.  This includes electronic material and colour inspiration boards, coordination for a cohesive design, right down to the lighting fixtures and artwork. 


Whether you need help staging a short term rental or you have a listing as a real estate professional, we help to make your place more attractive and assist potential buyers to envision the space at it's fullest potential.

Interior Design

Interior Design for Builders

We assist builders and general contractors at every stage of the project.  From finish selections (flooring, paint, tiles, lighting, countertops etc) to floor plans, millwork design, 3D renderings and staging.  

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